What Online Gambling Sites are Safe?

  • Jun 15, 2020

Gambling is still riddled with taboo and even though we are heading into 2020, players still raise concerns over gambling online. This is fine and this is why we are going to give you a complete insight into why online gambling sites are safe and the processes the casinos go through to become registered businesses.

Getting Licensed Approved Casinos Online

At this stage, to give players a head start, you can head to this website and already find the best casinos to join in South Africa. This will save you time with what we are about to discuss and that’s how to check if your preferred online casino is safe.

Casinos are not something which are made overnight and arrive on the Internet the next day. Even illegal casinos could pull that off. In the construct of a casino, you are looking at many years in the development stages and adding to that the years it could take to receive a gambling licence.

There is a process to the madness that is building a casino, there are, of course, many legal codes to follow and solicitor fees to pay to go through the process of application. The measures are put in place for the purpose of the customer. Casinos must abide by codes of conduct, terms and conditions, regulations and abide by industry standards when it comes to fair play and security. At this stage, the casino may only be partially designed, so you can begin to see that if a casino was planning to be unsafe, that it would fail immediately within the process that is checked by legal authorities and gaming commissions.

No casino sets out to be unsafe, in terms of being illegal, they set out to be illegal and bypass the entire process altogether and promise players the best slots and too good to be true offers and simply take their money.

The Process of Casino Checks by Authorities

Gambling licenses are the first step to becoming an official online casino. These are presented by governing bodies, for example, the Malta Gaming Authority or the UK Gambling Commission. Once the license is obtained, the casino can then register as an online business. What follows is the development of the casino and upon completion, checks are carried out by regulators to test the safety of the casino and the fairness of the games.

Both the licensed and certifications must be available to members of the casino. They are usually linked to the bottom of the homepage where you will find the registration and licence number.

As mentioned, we have already provided a head start for you, but as you can see, these are the areas that must be checked first should you go to look for your own online casino. You will need to do historical research of the site to be sure the business has no previously failed casinos in the past. You need to check the registration number and get confirmation the certifications are valid and in date.

What online gambling sites are safe? Those which hold the correct licenses, that have authorised approval and are legally allowed to stream an online service into the country it is marketed for.